Our Mission

To maintain and enhance safety, property values, and quality of life in Duncanville.

To this end, the city has adopted ordinances and health and building codes that set standards for the construction, repair, maintenance, and upkeep of commercial and residential properties, and for the safe operation of food service establishments in the city.


The thrust of the department's work is fivefold:

  1. To promote construction methods that provide for the safety of occupants and that are consistent with best practices adopted by other municipalities in this area
  2. To monitor the operation of restaurants and other food service establishments in the city as a means of preventing outbreaks of food-borne illness
  3. To prevent the deterioration of property
  4. To abate dangers to public health and safety
  5. To correct nuisances as defined by ordinance

Online Contractor Registration and Permitting

The City of Duncanville uses web-based software for Contractor Registrations and Permitting. Click the image at right to go there now.

Permit Wall

Building Inspection

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