Working for the City

The organization's mission is to build a vibrant, inclusive organization driven by a commitment to value-added customer service. Our purpose is to: serve the citizens of this community so they can be the most engaged citizens in America; enhance their quality of life through quality neighborhoods to live in and parks to enjoy; provide top-quality venues to be a top sports destination.


In addition to our organization's mission, we believe in six core values. They are Honesty, Accountability, Fairness, Integrity, Transparency, and Service Above Self. We believe every decision we make and every action we take must be based on these values. A guiding philosophy is to develop positive habits. Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." We believe in empowering employees to make positive decisions by reinforcing these HABITS.

H - Honesty: I will always be truthful
A - Accountability: I am solely responsible for my actions
B - Be Fair (Fairness): I will treat everyone with respect and without bias
I - Integrity: I will always do what is honorable and what is right
T - Transparency: I will be open and honest in my communications, genuine in my decisions and interactions with people, and be a reflection of a trustworthy organization.
S - Service Above Self: I am here to provide a service to others without the expectation of reward or self-gratification.