The City of Duncanville prides itself on the outstanding quality of police work provided to its residents.

With 63 full-time police officers, a multitude of community activities, and a city committed to public safety, the police department is able to handle any potential safety hazards and provide residents with a valuable sense of security. The Duncanville Police Department has a variety of specialized sections, including: crime prevention; criminal investigations; honor guard, crisis negotiators; rifle team; crime scene; accident investigators; SWAT team; traffic unit; Park Ranger; Deployment team; training; and, personnel.

Yearly community events include: Santa Cop program, Duncanville Police Department Open House, and National Night Out.

Duncanville Police Department also offers the Take Me Home program, helping persons with disabilities get home.

 Duncanville Police Department - Animal Control

The Duncanville Fire Department is the service provider for emergency medical services in the City of Duncanville and has received numerous awards including the Life Safety Achievement Award from the Residential Fire Institute.

Fire Ambulance

Duncanville's EMS services are part of a prestigious partnership with BioTel and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School which allows BioTel to use data collected by Duncanville paramedics in national studies. All 43 paramedics are certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services, and of the 43 certified paramedics, 28 are Nationally Registered.

Duncanville paramedics and EMTs are given continuing education of the highest quality by the UT Southwestern Medical School staff, providing the community with many of the finest EMS personnel in the State. All ambulances are certified as Mobile Intensive Care Units and carry the latest in MICU equipment. Both departments participate in regional agreements whereby backup services are provided by neighboring cities when needed.

Citizen Police Academy

The City of Duncanville Police Department offers a citizen academy promoting public safety in the community. Topics covered in the Citizen Police Academy include:

Citizen Police

  • Texas penal code
  • criminal and civil liability
  • patrol techniques
  • accident investigations
  • family violence investigations
  • gang and youth activity
  • narcotics investigations
  • special weapons and tactics unit (SWAT)

In addition to the regular Citizen Police Academy, Duncanville has also hosted Senior Citizen Police Academies that are geared to the special interests of our senior citizens. Since City of Duncanville retirees and senior citizens are some of the most active supporters of the Duncanville Police department, they tend to be highly involved in the citizen academies.

Citizens On Patrol

The Duncanville Police Department's Citizens on Patrol is comprised of 60 volunteers who donate their time and vehicles to assist the community. Since its inception in 1995, these volunteers have donated over 19,820 hours, assisting with community parades and events, bicycle and 5k races, searches for lost children and adults, and other activities. To become a member of the Citizens on Patrol, completion of the Citizens Police Academy and supplemental training is required.

 Duncanville Police Department’s

 Citizens on Patrol

The main purpose of the Citizens on Patrol is to provide a visible presence on the streets as a deterrent to criminal activity. Having concerned, observant residents on the streets sends a clear message to strangers in the neighborhood that crime will not be tolerated. A secondary purpose of the patrols is to report suspicious or illegal activities to the police. These patrols can provide timely information to the police thereby leading to the apprehension of criminals. Thirdly, these patrols provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in activities that improve their community while addressing threats to the livability of their neighborhood.

Additional Community Relations / Crime Prevention Programs

Other programs that are offered by the Duncanville Police Department Community Relations / Crime Prevention Division include:

Department Community