Request an Inspection

To request a building inspection for work completed with an issued permit, please submit a request before 4:00pm the day before the requested inspection day.

Submit a request through the MyGov portal;

Online Permitting and Inspections

MyGov Customer Self Service

  • Apply for garage sale permits and all building permits, including uploading plans.
  • Check processing status for permits.
  • Pay fees.
  • Schedule building inspections
  • Check inspection results.
To begin using MyGov Customer Self Service, all new users must register for an account. Please see below:

You will need to register as a Contractor.

  1. You will need to first register as a contractor/subcontractor at
    1. Contractor Registration
    2.  Request a New Registration
You will receive an email once you have registered with a 16-digit account number. (Please check your spam/junk folder)
  1. Then you will need to go to and enter the account number that you received by email once you have registered.
    1. LOGIN
    2. Create an Account
    3. Request Project

Once you’ve registered and are logged onto your account on the MyGov, you will be able to apply for a permit or, check statuses on permits or cases, pay any fees, or schedule an inspection. Once logged in, all permits and cases tied to the account will be available to view.