A City of Duncanville Update on the Proposition B Danieldale Road Reconstruction Project
Posted on 03/06/2023
A City of Duncanville Update on the Proposition B Danieldale Road Reconstruction Project

Duncanville, TX – The 2018 Duncanville Bond Program was approved by voters in November of that same year. The program originally consisted of 10 projects organized into four propositions. Proposition B included the allocation of $5,033,000 for the reconstruction of a segment of Danieldale Road. The reconstruction project includes replacing the water lines beneath the surface as well as new pavement. Once complete, the configuration will be a four-lane divided roadway with hike and bike trails along the north and south sides.

The City of Duncanville is pleased to announce that the completion of the Danieldale Road project is fast approaching. Residents and businesses in the area can expect to receive notifications soon from the City’s contractor, Pavecon, letting them know the nighttime schedule for paving.

Reconstruction of Danieldale involved reshaping the area of ground to meet the new design. In some instances, this reshaping, or grading, changed the height of the road by as much as two feet. The reshaping was followed by a sub-grading process to form a base upon which the finished concrete will sit.

The sub-grade also received a lime treatment. The lime treatment dries the ground beneath the area that will be paved. This is done after a multi-step curing process intended to compact the soil beneath the road to prevent movement, cracking, and potholes. This process, even in ideal weather conditions, can take almost two weeks. Weather is a factor as the curing process and lime treatment can be slowed by rainy conditions that wet soil and surfaces. No other work can be performed in a section of road that has received lime treatment while the treatment cures. During the curing process, the construction crew will move to other areas of the project to continue their work.

Paving was tentatively scheduled to begin March 13, but recent and forecasted rains have delayed the lime treatment, and therefore paving will likely not start until later this month. Once paving begins it will take place between the hours of 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. Sidewalks and turn lane concrete will follow and be completed during normal daytime working hours. A late April completion is anticipated, which includes time for the concrete that will be poured over the sub-grade along the eastbound lanes to cure.

Placement of two new water mains under the segment of Danieldale Road that is being reconstructed was completed the week of February 27, 2023. The water main was chlorinated and tested for bacteria, including E-coli, before being flushed and then connected to the rest of the City of Duncanville’s water system. This was done in a manner meeting Duncanville’s high standards for drinking water. A second water main is being installed by Dallas Water Utilities and will go through a similar process of chlorination, testing, and flushing.

The completion date may change in response to weather or supply issues.

The City of Duncanville wishes to express its appreciation to the residents and businesses impacted during this reconstruction. The patience and support of residents makes city improvement projects such as the Danieldale Road reconstruction possible.

Nighttime paving closure map.

Nighttime paving closure map.

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