The City of Duncanville Announces a Proposed Tax Rate Decrease for Fiscal Year 2022
Posted on 08/20/2021
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The City of Duncanville staff has proposed a tax rate of $0.700000 per $100 of property value for City Council's consideration. The proposed rate decrease is -2.35% ($0.016852) less per $100 of property value.

Dallas County calculates Duncanville's tax rates and provides the City with two. The first is a "No-New Revenue" rate, which is a rate that provides the City with no increase in revenue. The second is a "Voter Approval" rate, the highest the City may adopt without an election.

Both the "No-New Revenue" ($0.673838 per $100) and "Voter Approval" ($0.702073 per $100) tax rates are still less than the City of Duncanville's current rate of $0.716852.

Last week the City of Duncanville released a notice announcing a Public Hearing on a Tax Increase. The Tax Increase announced online and in the local papers is due to the rising property values within our City. Average home values have increased 6.15%, varying from property to property, which may increase the amount paid in taxes despite a lower tax rate.

The Duncanville City Council will consider adopting the proposed tax rate decrease at an August 31, 2021 meeting.

Tax Rate Decrease Announcement